Evolving Robots

This project has been put on hold. The Applet gives a rudimentary idea of what it will be like, though the only evolution that occurs is a selection of the most efficient herbivores from the original animals (each starting animal is a different species). It's behaviour can be modified by giving it parameters to replace the default values (via HTML) , as is done for SCALE in the html on this page. The parameters are -
  • FOODADDED - default 1 - the number of food squares added to every other turn.
  • FOODVALUE - default 900 - The amount of food added each time.
  • SCALE - default 30 - Each food square is SCALE pixels wide and high.
  • HNANIMALS - default 12 - The highest number of animals.
  • SNANIMALS - default 6 - The starting number of animals.
in HTML :

<applet code="EvolvingRobots.class" width=260 height=260>

If you can read this then unfortunately you aren't java-enabled

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