Lords of Karma

Lords of Karma was one of my favourites as a kid and I recently imported it with other programs to a modern prg file. I played it again and it was still fun, and I think it is really quite a good game with features that aren't in most adventure games, probably because it was such an early game. It may be composed of short phrases of text due to the memory limitations at that time, but there is a lot of good gameplay there.

A full map is here though it partially randomises each game, and I recommend you make one yourself since it's half of the game (Try starting with Golgotha and dropping things to mark your place as well as using subtle differences in the description. The swamp is particularly fiendish.) "USE" weapons to equip and don't be afraid to die since your stuff will be distributed in certain locations. You win by going to heaven by the way.

Lords of Karma.prg
Immediately after loading enter "SYS 1024" to start the game.

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